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Engine 4.2 liter V8, For many Maserati fans, the ‘update’ of the rear lights in the 2001 introduction of the new model Maserati 4200 GT, replacing the Maserati 3200 GT, was a real step backwards: The curved arching lights on the 3200 GT that had so much character were replaced in the facelift to the 4200 GT by lighting units that were far less sophisticated. 


G&S EXCLUSIVE has simply reversed this unloved upgrade and re-configured the entire rear end of the 4200 GT using the rear lights from the Maserati 3200 GT as well as a new boot lid to resemble the look of the 3.2-litre coupé. In addition, G&S has tightened the rear section of the coupé with a new rear fender whose powerful diffuser would be a credit and an honour to any GT racing car. As an alternative, there is also a version available with a more restrained rear fender without the diffuser fins. G&S has also created side skirts that suitably connect the front and rear spoilers.


Projecting out of the right and left sides of the rear spoiler, one on each side, are polished 85 millimetre double-ended exhaust pipes from the Capristo exhaust system (EDS & MSD) with valve control, back pressure control and remote control functionality, which give the V8 purist an even more full-bodied racing sound. The exhaust system is also available without the exhaust valve control. There is also the option of main exhaust silencer replacement pipes. This option is only available for export from Germany, not for a German TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) approval.


Smart and Light: 20-inch Wheels

For driving dynamics that are worthy of the sharpened soundscape, G&S has turned to a combination of a KW Variant 3 sports suspension system with compression and rebound adjustment functionality (optionally with added hydraulic height adjustment) and a 20-inch wheel set. The OZ Ultraleggera light-alloy wheels in sizes 8.5 x 20 and 10 x 20 inch employed combine sophisticated sporting visuals with an extremely low weight, which has a positive influence on the driving dynamics – just think unsprung mass. Dunlop tyres of size 235/30ZR20 on the leading axle and of size 275/25ZR20 on the driving axle provide plenty of grip. As an alternative, G&S offers three-part OZ Granturismo light alloy wheels with forged wheel stars in the same size mentioned above. In order to fit this wheel and tyre combination (combined with 20 millimetre spacers) perfectly into the wheel arches, the mudguards have been extended by 10 millimetres on both sides at the front and 20 millimetres on both sides at the back.
Even though sports cars from Sant’Agata Bolognese are considered arch-rivals of the automobiles from Maserati and Ferrari, G&S EXCLUSIVE has finished the 4200 Evo in a ‘Lamborghini Gallardo Orange’ 3-coat glaze. This makes for harmonious contrasts with the black-finished interiors of the headlight housing, as well as various black and matt black parts on the exterior of the vehicle.
G&S can also throw a bit of colour into the Maserati interior if requested, in the form of Sightcarbon coverings in the colour of the vehicle for the centre console, the running boards as well as various small interior parts. The rocker switch extensions are also formed from Sightcarbon. The rear screen has been tinted.
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