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Germany, Automotive - A-Kahn-Design-BMW-X5-5S drove at high speed on the race track Nürburgring, Germany, Wednesday (20/6). SUV 2014 German magazine cover intact. Slimmer design than the previous generation. Motorauthority has a lighter frame to produce fuel efficiency thus increasing performance. steel material with high technology, with aluminum alloy more.

The design is expected to mimic the headlights equipped 3 Series F30 LED. redesigned rear lights with the concept of Vision. Side views, F15 X5 character so powerful, like the BMW X3 diperlihat. autoevolution interior use, changes in the upper edge of the console and dashboard. using the iDrive screen, LCD Utilizing computing system to set a number of things, such as the temperature of the room, and audio-video entertainment. 

Features A-Kahn-Design-BMW-X5-5S, air suspension, night vision, 8-speed automatic transmission turbocharged six-cylinder inline engine configured V-8. estimate A-Kahn-Design-BMW-X5-5S will be holding a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder diesel already fitted ActiveHybrid technology. Although there is no official information from BMW, this car is said to be marketed early as the end of 2012 or early 2013.

2012-A-Kahn-Design-BMW-X5-5S-Gauges-And Stearing-1280x960



2012-A-Kahn-Design-BMW-X5-5S-Rear Design-1280x960

2012-A-Kahn-Design-BMW-X5-5S-Side Design-1280x960

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