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2012 Land Rover Defender Vilner. is the latest car gets a number of changes in the cabin. Both inside and outside, the company has changed its appearance Vilner the Land Rover Defender similar to earlier in the summer.

Vilner interior Land Rover Defender. brown and black interior color, materials used Nappa and Alcantara. animal skins used in part, dashboard, new sport seats, grips a sun visor. Sunscreens have been covered with Alcantara is used also in the rearview mirror and third brake light. Form on the skin, at the bottom of the seat seemed to have athletic strength, and subtlety of colors like a musical instrument piano. Floor is an eccentric design - with a wooden model, motifs that adorn the back of the arm. Speedometer in the dashboard has the same color as the interior impressed with the feel of classic elegance. Vilner menamb Sound System: a multimedia system with 600W power and 15-inch LCD screen connected to a DVD-player has been installed. And of course - have a car cabin soundproofing. Exterior 2012 Land Rover Defender Vilner. Alacantra even appear on covering the exterior rearview mirror and third brake light.
Engine and transmission 2012 Land Rover Defender Vilner. Vilner not specify the type of engine modifications will have. The possibility of a 2.2-liter EU5 diesel engine is still used as the original without any changes. These machines produce the same power, rpm and torque 122PS@3.500, 360Nm@2.000 rpm, the 2.4 liter engine out. Performance remains the same as well, although it has been elevated to a top speed of 90mph compared to 82mph for the previous version. Combined cycle CO2 emissions at 266g/km for consistent at 90 and 295g/km for the 110 and 130.
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