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fiat 500 italia lazzarini design topFiat 500 small car did look adorable when noted. But what happens when a small car was fitted with a capacity of 4500 cc V8 engine Ferrari’s? Would certainly be unique!

Yes, the Italian Design Lazzarini who bothered to transplant the engine’s 4.5 liters of Italy to the Ferrari 458 Fiat 500 small car. Finally, this little car was no longer a small but tend scary other cars in the street.


fiat 500 italia lazzarini back view design

Unfortunately, the Italian Fiat 550 was created only as a ‘training’ the crew Lazzarini. However, Lazzarini not rule out the possibility to immediately produce the car as long as there are investors who want to flush the fund of about U.S. $ 550,000 to take him home.

fiat 500 italia lazzarini side view

How not bertampak cute though, power is not seimut car looks. Because of the machines that have been placed in the back seat of power was able to burst up to 550 horsepower.

The engine power has actually been reduced because the real Ferrari engine could produce up to 570 hp tengaa, but the Fiat 500 chassis structure is considered safest to use force “only” 550 hp.

result is the name of the car had to be replaced. Lazzarini no longer use the name of the Fiat 500 for this car but the Fiat 550 racikannya Italy! For adjustment, Lazzarini also extended wheelbase car about 300 mm and 300 mm spread around his body at the rear and 200 mm in front.
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