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2012 Prior RED Design Audi R8 GT850 Widebody with red body colour

Interior In the interior Audi R8 GT850 Widebody, a black color theme contrasts the dominant red exterior finish. Although Prior Design has not provided much information about the inside, it is expected that most of the parts are made of carbon fiber materials. The seats are also likely to be in leather or Alcantara.

All in all Audi R8 GT850 Widebody, Prior Design has done a remarkable job. The transformed car has an attractive stance, and with its stylish design and powerful performance, this car is definitely going to draw a lot of attention from many enthusiasts.

and GT850 widebody expected to provide comfort for the rider

Prior RED Design Audi R8 GT850 Widebody Transmission Handle

Engine The R8 GT850 Widebody is powered by a 4.2 liter V8 engine. It produces 420 to 475 horsepower for small FSIs. In case you require additional steam, you should utilize the conversion of compressor with power augment, raising the total power to 565 horsepower. Prior-Design has included a sport exhaust-system with flap control to enhance performance. However, the increase in power output comes at a price, about 5,900 Euro.

Prior RED Design Audi R8 GT850 Widebody Engine Design

Prior RED Design Audi R8 GT850 Widebody Front Views

Prior RED Design Audi R8 GT850 Widebody Rear Angle

Exterior The 2012 GT850 Widebody gets a completely revised front to distinguish it from the original R8. Prior Design installed a wide apron on the front blended with a carbon spoiler. this makes the Audi R8 Prior Design RED GT850 widebody has a more sporty appearance. big spoiler makes the greater weight of the vehicle while driving at high speed.

Moreover, there are 2 air inlets covers, which has been integrated, with 2 carbon struts each. There are also a set of front mudguards ensuring that an exaggerated wider look is achieved. The aerodynamic created wall sills, light the car's underbody with 4 LED lamps. The broad wall wrap was done in carbon fiber.

At the rear, you will find an enormous tail spoiler and bumper with lateral air inlets. In addition, a Carbona application has been incorporated to add extra power onto the rear axle.
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