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Behind the steering wheel, instrument panel are easy to understand driver. The position was replaced by a powermeter tachometers that displays mileage information that has been achieved during the drive, a scale of 0% to 100%. While on the right is the speedometer with the standard view.

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Between the two indicators, there is a Multi Information Display (MID) shows the amount of energy that occurs when driving. It also can show which mode is active when we are walking and hybrid components which are active.

MMI screen is in the middle of the cockpit but can ask questions of travel and entertainment system, it can also display the average consumption rate of fuel. The screen can be accessed via a touchpad also recognize 29,000 Chinese kanji characters.


interior Audi A6 L e-Tron, Compete with the Mercedes E-Class, a cabin similar to the A6 L. Looks elegant once felt when we got into the car. This concept car still has a comfortable grip slide door.

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