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H & R and Volkswagen has had a long relationship, which can only be described as homogeneous, where you see a Volkswagen, you will find H & R. At H & R Wanderlust event this year to Leavenworth, WA, where hundreds of drivers and car enthusiasts alike to bring them up to show off what they've got, H & R Car Beetle Turbo is the debut project. This car is the product of a joint effort with the University of Dan Grayson and H & R Volkswagen created something very special. The bright red VW Beetle Turbo 2012 stand out, while the mean fit that looks and aggressive stance is perfect with all the usual car tuned, such as gliding through the mountains to Leavenworth Washington. Beetle project car offers H & R Super Sport Springs lower the 1.7 "front and 1.5" in the rear to give a bow, sporty look and feel. 5mm H & R Trak + Wheel Spacers on both the front and rear give the perfect look for a flush 20 "wheels Hartmann HRS6-204MA. These wheels finished in matte anthracite color that compliments the awesome Tornado Red New Beetle Turbo is perfect. Mounted on the wheel is Continental Extreme Contact DW tires, size 245/35ZR20. With the opening of this new Beetle is causing such a stir in the automotive universe, we knew something special to do with this car, and we were pleased with the results. During the trip Leavenworth, people bring unexpected - something one-of-a-kind that show off their personal style. Cars H & R Beetle Turbo Project showcase our style gives an extra kick to the performance of European and talent. (from H & R Springs Press Release) H & R Springs 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo Beetle Turbo Project 2012

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