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Features of the Mazda8 sunroof, driver 8-way electric seats, leather-wrapped seats, rear parking camera, a sliding door with Safe Clock Mechanism, dual front airbags, GPS navigation is well integrated in the dashboard head unit. Features of the Mazda8 also owned at Toyota Alphard or Elgrand Nissan.


body has a sporty impression. all designs have a look, line-up, class sedan, hatchback, and SUV, has a sporty exterior look. Similarly, the Mazda8.

seen from the side, Mazda8 have a solid impression on the fender wheel until the front bumper corners. Luxurious look with the use, lischrome, on the license plate number, l and there, grille, front.

using a head lamp, Xenon HID, LED stop lamp, and the roof spoiler, adding to the impression of luxury and sporty MPV on the exterior, which is offered in three colors.


  1. Has a comfortable cabin.
  2. Exterior design has a luxurious and modern.
  3. Features possessed adequate.
  4. The noise level is low.


  1. The suspension was not optimal.
  2. Do not have the paddle shift
  3. 2300 cc engine is not up to 2500 cc
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