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1. 2012 Citroen Numero 9 Concept "front Angel"
2012 Citroen Numero 9 Concept "Headlights"

The start of a new chapter

Great care went into every detail of concept car Numéro 9, which is a stylish embodiment of the heritage and sophistication of the DS line. Designed in Paris, the capital of fashion in its most superb and universal form, Numéro 9 opens a new chapter in the styling of the DS.

Numéro 9 sublimates the design cues cultivated by the DS line and introduces the new front-end identity of future models in the DS line, along with an original light signature. The new front end features a grille in 3D relief, flowing into the full-LED headlights, which end in daytime-running lights. The overall effect gives Numéro 9 a strong, hypnotic and unique gaze.

3. 2012 Citroen Numero 9 "Rear Angel"

 A concentrate of DS qualities

Combining the genes of a coupé and shooting brake, Numéro 9 has elegant, thoroughbred looks, with solid, sculpted proportions revealing subtle lines of tension. In this way, Numéro 9 cultivates its status through its distinctive and sophisticated character.

The concept car condenses the distinctive forms of the DS line. The most expressive features include the floating roof, underlined by a chrome trim with a discreet DS marking, and the glazed side surfaces flowing into the rear window.

Last, through its body colours and materials, Numéro 9 displays both mystery and sophistication. Its deep black bodywork with subtle hints of violet, baptised ‘Whisper”, is a perfect match for the warmer shade of the ‘californian” chrome finish.
4. 2012 Citroen Numero 9 Concept "Side"


The technologies used by concept car Numéro 9 combine comfort, safety and respect for the environment, while also delivering subtle but strong driving sensations for all those on board. Creative technologies that perfectly illustrate the Marque’s expertise.

Inspired design

Every detail of Numéro 9 was designed to contribute to its efficiency (CdA = 0.61):
  1. rear spoiler reinforcing the fastback effect;
  2. windscreen pillars contributing to the air flow around the cabin;
  3. and ‘turbine’ wheels whose integrated fins increase the air flow around the wheel arches, thus reducing both turbulence and fuel consumption.

Plug-in hybrid technology: eco-awareness and driving sensations With its full-hybrid plug-in technology, concept car Numéro 9 is a perfect fit with Citroën’s environmental policies.

The plug-in hybrid drive train has an electric motor on the rear axle. This simple and innovative configuration is perfectly adapted to the character of Numéro 9: it optimises handling and traction, while limiting fuel consumption and emissions.

Concept car Numéro 9 thus combines a combustion engine, petrol or diesel depending on the market, with an electric motor on the rear axle developing power of 70 bhp and torque of 200 Nm. This electric motor runs on lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged in just 3 ½ hours from a normal domestic socket. The model on display at the Beijing Motor Show is fitted with a 1.6 THP petrol engine developing 225 bhp (165 kW) for torque of 275 Nm.

With its plug-in hybrid technology, Numéro 9 respects the environment. This is particularly true in the city, where the car has a range of 50 km in all-electric ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode, and on roads demanding successive acceleration and deceleration, where the hybrid drivetrain limits consumption by using both sources of energy. On the motorway, the combustion engine takes over to deliver real performance.

Numéro 9 features new-generation micro-hybrid technology designed to switch the combustion engine to standby whenever it is not required.

No compromises have been made on driving comfort and sensations. Quite the opposite. When the driver needs speed and torque, a “boost” function links the power of the combustion engine and electric motor to enable Numéro 9 to attain high levels of performance (295 bhp), without impacting fuel consumption (1.7 l /100 km and 39 g/km de CO2). The car takes 5.4 seconds to go from 0 to 100 kph and 25.3 seconds to travel 1,000 m from a standing start.

In cases where more power is required, or when grip is lacking, the car switches to four-wheel drive mode, with the electric motor driving the rear wheels, and the combustion engine the front wheels. In particularly difficult driving conditions, driving up a sloping, snow-covered road, for example, the driver can select forced 4WD mode. The four-wheel drive system and hydraulic active suspension deliver increased traction while making full use of the potential of Numéro 9 in complete safety.

Looking beyond on-road performance and environmental benefits, this full-hybrid plug-in technology offers a third non-negligible advantage: the cabin can be prepared before the car is used. For example, it can be preheated to ensure the comfort of all the occupants as soon as they climb on board.

2012 Citroen Numero 9 Concept "Taillights"

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