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Today, in 2012, the Cambiano redefines and reinterprets the ideas that are the basic tenets of Pininfarina design: harmonious proportions, taut lines and fluid surfaces, and a simple element that extends all along the side to underline its dynamism. The result is a very strong visual impact, emphasised by an extremely pure, aerodynamic shape based on essential and purely functional stylistic elements.

The light is an integral part of the Cambiano design concept, inside and out. The relationship with natural light is simplified by the panoramic roof, which is translucent in some areas and transparent in others. With a carbon honeycomb structure mounted between the outside glass and a polycarbonate inner lining, the roof enhances visibility in the car – heightening the sense of luminosity and space inside.

Efficiency mode regulates the acceleration and top speed to maximise the range, but does not penalise enjoyment excessively. The Sport mode makes driving more exciting, accelerating from 0 to 100 in 4.2 sec, and limits the continuous top speed to 250 km/h. And finally, with Drifting mode, the individual control of the electric motors artificially sets the behaviour of the limited slip differentials. It is also possible to adjust the front/rear drive split so that the vehicle can be driven in rally mode, underlining the entertainment of driving on snow-covered or dirt roads.
  • APP TECH Rims
  • BLADON JETS Turbine studies
  • BOVET Watch
  • FAAM  Batteries
  • FATE Concept Tyre, from Eximia by Pininfarina: vanguard asymmetrical tread band; ultra-low profile; dimensions: front axis 245/35 R 21, back axis 265/35 R21; Green System technology: low rolling resistance, to contribute with the environment.
  • FOGLIZZO Leather upholstery (Foglizzo Nabuk PN 5/N Griffir, Foglizzo Classic Lord Leather LD011 and Foglizzo Leather PN 11 Lily White)
  • GF AGIECHARMILLES Laser etchings on aluminium mouldings and plexiglass components
  • IEE – Internal instrumentation (Human Machine Interface)
  • MAGNETI MARELLI Electric motors/Inverters/Control electronics
  • RIVA 1920 Wooden interior parts
  • RÖHM ITALIA Plexiglas®
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