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Be among the first to reserve the 2012 Focus Electric. You'll never need a drop of gas or an oil change. Powered exclusively by a new lithium-ion battery system, the 2012 Ford Focus Electric is projected to be the first five-passenger all-electric vehicle with a combined fuel efficiency rating of over 100 MPG
e.* And if you purchase the available 240-volt charging station, you'll be able to fully charge your Focus Electric in about half the time of the 2012 Nissan Leaf.
Remarkable Technologies

The Focus Electric has all the remarkable technologies that you need to get the most efficiency from your vehicle. Inside, you'll find real-time information about your vehicle. Using the five-way buttons on the steering wheel, you can customize your view in the two 4.2-inch LCD instrument cluster screens to show your battery charge status, distance to the next charging station and more. This information helps you keep track of how you drive, so you can make adjustments to maximize your range and efficiency.

MyFord Touch® also provides voice or touch control over your phone, entertainment, navigation and climate control. The Navigation System even includes an EcoRoute option, which gives you the most energy-efficient route to your destination.
MyFord Mobile gives you access to important information about your electric vehicle like your existing charge, available range and charge schedule.

High Voltage

The Focus Electric gets all of its power from an advanced 23kWh, high-voltage, lithium-ion battery system stored in the rear of the vehicle. It features an advanced liquid heating and cooling system to regulate battery temperature and help maximize battery life, so you can get the most miles out of each charge.
Regenerative Braking
Art of the Recharge. Focus Electric features remarkable technologies like regenerative braking to help you achieve maximum energy-efficiency. During braking, the system is able to capture more than 90 percent of the energy normally lost as heat and recycles it to recharge the battery.
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