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The Peugeot 107 is renewed, added avant-garde and even added urban, a active acknowledgment to the appetite for autonomy, ability and freedom!

Its attenuate and adult style, aggressive by the new attending of the Peugeot marque, gives it a new ability of attraction.

Great absorption has been paid to its address after authoritative any sacrifices in agreement of its advantages if adverse the constraints of city-limits driving; it has become even added applied and fuel-efficient.
A market and customer base which is constantly changing

The Peugeot 107 evolves and is accomplished with a consistently renewed range, appropriate editions and new equipment, in adjustment to accumulate up with chump expectations.

Its markets accept developed too with 16 new countries authoritative a absolute of 48 countries area it is now sold.

Like a lot of cars in this category, the 107 is generally the additional or even the third car of the household. On the added hand, it distinguishes itself from its articulation with an even added predominantly changeable chump abject and appeals to a college admeasurement of individual people.

The achievement that it offers, aloft all through its manoeuvrability, active amusement and abridgement is aloft the boilerplate for its segment.
After added than 665,000 cars produced by the end of 2011, the 107 is now autograph a new affiliate in its history.

Its aim: to advance its advantages in an more aggressive segment.

A new exterior style, subtle and sophisticated

With a completely redesigned front face and unchanged dimensions, the Peugeot 107 adopts the new style of the Peugeot marque, with a look that is both subtle and sophisticated, cut as closely as possible to the mechanics, while retaining its compactness.

The new, more curved bonnet incorporates the new identity of the marque, so the rib of the bonnet which frames the two-tone lion and the number plate repositioned in the centre of the lower front panel hint at its relationship with the 208.

While retaining their shape and their high position, the light units are more refined: at the front, they are extended and adopt a two-tone mask, echoing the colour of the marque emblem situated on the bonnet, whereas at the rear they are adorned with a dark mask thus framing the lamps with a deep ruby colour.

The new radiator grille, composed of honeycomb cells specific to the 107, forms a fine and distinguished mouth, suspended by the body colour that surrounds it.
"It is another interpretation of the floating grille, adapted to the size and architecture of the 107." Ivo Groen, 107 style manager.

The new lower front panel has contact cappings - one on the front face and the other two at the side - both aesthetic and protective, particularly useful in urban driving conditions.

The Peugeot 107 adopts a new visual signature at the lower front panel by means of LED day running lamps that emphasise the side protectors, and - according to the model - foglamps animated by a chromed bead.
All of these style components, designed with the utmost care, associated with a sharp body sill line and new trims, give the 107 a new identity, modern and likeable, combining refinement and a strong and thoroughbred appeal.

Furthermore, the range of colours sees the addition of an exclusive new "Plum" colour, modern and attractive, which matches perfectly with its character.

Inside, new equipment and colour schemes

The new "Mistral" interior colour scheme, the new "Manhattan" seat upholstery and the twomaterial door and dashboard trims, which now sport a single black colour, improve the perceived quality of the passenger compartment and give it a touch of refinement.

New comfort equipment makes an appearance, such as:
  1. The CD audio system has 2 additional speakers as standard or as an option according to the level of finish.
  2. A new PC Bluetooth CD audio system available as an option, combined with 2 additional speakers, offers USB, MP3 and Bluetooth connections that are usually found on vehicles of higher segments.
  3. A new steering wheel combined with a new gear lever knob, both leather trimmed, available as standard or as an option.

A simple range and improved features

The Peugeot 107 still has a simple range with 2 levels of finish, available in 3-door and 5-door versions and with 2 engines: 1.0i 5-speed manual and 1.0i 5-speed two-tronic manual.
Its features improve still further with its new audio system that contributes to a higher level of comfort.

The leather-trimmed steering wheel, standard with the two-tronic gearbox is also fitted with steering wheel paddles making the 107 even more manoeuvrable and agile.
It's LED day running lamps and the foglamps, now available as an option or as standard according to the model, contribute to the safety of its occupants, making it more visible in all conditions.

"Last but not least", already very well placed as regards environmental efficiency in its segment, the Peugeot 107 lowers its levels of CO2 emissions still further to 99 and 104 g/km respectively for the manual and two-tronic gearboxes.

It running costs are also improved with fuel consumption reduced to 4.3 and 4.5 l per 100km respectively for the manual and two-tronic gearboxes.

A truly feminine special edition!

A very feminine special edition christened "ENVY" will be available at the launch in March 2012. This fashionable and glamorous version, adorned with either the new "Plum" colour or "Caldera Black", bears special decorations with a cherry blossom branch motif, in particular stickers on the rear door, the bonnet and the tailgate, a "Plum" colour embroidered and braided mat and a rev counter central decoration.

Aluminium door sills and a badge give an additional touch of refinement.
A style line taking up the cherry blossom branch motif is also available. It has a clever handbag pocket, ideal for organising your belongings and changing handbag without forgetting anything, as well as a very practical handbag hook - retractable and therefore compact - which is extremely useful for keeping your handbag "to hand and in sight", without placing it on the floor.

A wide range of personalisation and comfort accessories

With accessories developed especially for it, the Peugeot 107 also fulfils the desire for distinction and adapts to different uses.

Alloy wheels, a brushed aluminium gear lever knob, chromed effect door sills or mats embroidered with "107" give a touch of elegance and a distinctive character.
On the practical side, a retractable navigation system which has a connection for an iPhone or iPod and which integrates perfectly into the dashboard and a central armrest with storage compartment improve comfort and driving pleasure still further.

As regards the side mouldings, these will protect the bodywork against urban impacts.
For leisure pursuits, the Peugeot 107 offers various roof boxes and roof bars for transporting bicycles, skis, etc. and numerous other accessories are also waiting to be discovered in the Peugeot network.

Peugeot 107 3-door - Technical image 
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