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BMW Special X4 Photos and some details of the specifications of the BMW X4 Concept has been circulating on the internet, showing like a BMW X6 smaller.

To the size of a crossover, the BMW X4 looks stylish and has a high ground clearance. Overall X4 Concept looks dashing and luxurious, and has a lot of character typical of BMW.

When compared to the BMW X3, the roof line looks a little more curved than the more conventional X3 belongs. This concept version even look like a car that is ready production.

Production models offered by,engine capacity of 2,000 cc, four cylinder, has a power of 240 HP, and with the engine capacity of 3,000 cc six-cylinder, has the power of 300 HP,
presented enables the Hybrid version.

Reported Leftlanenews, BMW X4 Concept exhibited at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013 later this month.
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