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Hispano-Suiza ("Spanish Swiss") was one of the greatest luxury marques of the prewar era.   This supercar from Mazel Engineering is a modern interpretation of this famous name. The prototype raced at the Spanish GT Championship and at the International GT Open with Sunred racing team.  In 1923 its French subsidiary became a semi-autonomous partnership with the parent company. In 1968, the French arm was taken over by the aerospace company Snecma, now a part of the French SAFRAN Group. The Spanish parent sold all its automotive assets toEnasa in 1946.

Industry    Automotive/Engineering
Fate            Discontinued
Founded    June 14, 1904
Defunct      June 14, 1904

Technical Specifications
Length 4815 mm
Width 1970 mm
Distance between Axles 2700 mm
Width of Front Track 1748 mm
Width of Back Track 1710 mm
Fuel Capacity 100 Liter

Position Central
Cyliner V8
Cylinder Capacity 7000 cc
Block/Head Aluminum Ally
Horsepower 600 CV

Front 280/650
Rear 310/650

Tractor Rear
Sequential 6 Speed

Chassis Tubular Steel

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