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 Ferrari 458 Italia by A. Kahn Design

Shrouded in ample red aluminum-alloy couture, alluring aggregate and everybody about it like a magnet, Afzal Kahn’s latest announcement of motoring arete is Italian of attributes but the absolutely British alarming adapt makes this car extraordinary.

Owning a Kahn Ferrari is enough, it is a cachet attribute ensuring anybody about you knows ‘you acquire fabricated it to the actual top’.

The Afzal Kahn blow comes complete with foreground and rear bonanza sections in matt fair grey, rear diffuser, ancillary skirts and roof in matt fair grey, bowl brakes and chicken anchor calipers ensures that this car is aerodynamically unique.

Inside is the ‘bespoke touch’, this accurate car comes with atramentous Daytona covering electric sports seats. However, we accommodate our barter with the befalling to accurate one’s individuality. And they can acquire whatever they want. We could, for example, architecture for you a car with an exoteric the colour of your shirt and an autogenous to bout the colours of your favourite sports aggregation or your business, complete with the a acme or adumbration incised aural the car seats, the best is yours.

Kahn auto sit perfectly, on any vehicle, carrying the aspect of the vehicle’s identity. Created application state-of-the art accomplishment and abstracts artificial technology, the 9×21” foreground and 12×22 rear admixture auto accomplished in matt fair blah fit all aboriginal centre caps.

With simple apple-pie lines, bendable amoebic surfaces on the bend of the batten and a bent automated centre, Kahn auto are alike with breeding and innovation.

A. Kahn Architecture is for the alone who will not abide to a activity of accord and who will alone acquire perfection. Dedicated to the conception of affluence bespoke vehicles, we redesign the ordered boredom of accumulation produced cars and clean them into alone tailored creations.

from Ferrari Press Release
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