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Latest news from porce branded automotive company in early 2012 had advancement in marketing.

within 6 months in 2012 porsce capable of removing the car production by 69 171 units in the global market. Porsche sales rose 14%. Throughout the month of June Porsche vehicles can release as many as 12 699 units.

During six months of 2012, Porsche could sell 26 024 units of special vehicles in Europe. Germany can be reached 9536 units, Asia Pacific 23 948 units, and China as much as 15 274 units.

Keberhasin on type 911 Porsche sales are still the pride of Porsche, the world market. The model was able to sell up to 14 338 units, and Panamera series of 15 601 units of variance, and Cayenne amounting to 34 727 units.

porsce will continue to grow despite the economic situation in Europe is uncertain, given by Bernhard Maier, Executive Board Member of Sales and Marketing of Porsche AG, Porsche automotive company under the VW Group will continue to increase 2 levels in 2012, and to monitor market growth in Europe is not uncertain, maintain stability, "revealed in the press"
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