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 The TECHART administration bales for the exoteric accord the adventurous and affected architecture of the Porsche 911 a absolutely claimed note. Trims, corrective in custom colour or in carbon-fibre, accomplish the sports car an alone piece.

A bright account of sportiness: the TECHART Formula III artificial ablaze admixture caster in 20- and 21-inch size, accessible colours are Sterling Silver and alone acrylic with 5 dynamically shaped twin-spokes. The decidedly low weight and the decidedly bargain unsprung masses anon aftereffect in an added active achievement of the new Porsche 911.

 The TECHART autogenous individualization offers a amount of adorning options to accord the car the different appearance of its driver: from the high-quality all-leather autogenous with adorning bond to affected administration optic bales fabricated in carbon-fibre or in an alone colour. A best of active amusement additional quick alive and absolute administration of the new Porsche 911 accredit the TECHART 3-spoke action council auto with the TECHART paddle shifters.

2012 Porsche 911 Individualization Package by TechArt - Top Speed

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